Manufacturers in 日博备用网站 whose goods are destined for export are taking considerable measures to counter the negative effects of skyrocketing energy prices. This is revealed in a new survey conducted by Business 日博备用网站 and market research firm Origo Group.     

Two-thirds of manufacturers – who account for 92 per cent of 日博备用网站's export of goods – are moderately or severely affected by the soaring energy prices for their 操作, 盈利能力受到的冲击最大. A quarter of the respondents have opted to revise their production plans and almost half are putting investments on hold.

食品公司正感受到最严重的后果, 木材和纸张, 化学药品和汽车行业, 结果表明. The survey makes a comparison between how companies have been affected by rising energy prices up to now and how they will be affected from today until the end of February 2023.

共有500多家企业参与了此次调查, which was carried out during the period 31 October – 23 November 2022 via telephone interviews with chief financial officers or company management in equivalent positions.



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